We are mother and daughter, creators of this charming store physically located in Mallorca. We feel very fortunate to work in front of the sea and to enjoy the warm and relaxed atmosphere that is breathed in the pedestrian promenade where S’ESCAR is located.

S’Escar de Sant Elm

S’ESCAR is a charming boutique that started in Mallorca in 2018, for women of any age with a young spirit who want to add elegance and simplicity to their natural beauty.

Women who love the mediterranean style (#femsescar). In love with fresh and feminine dresses, light footwear – esparto wedges, comfortable sandals – bikinis and swimsuits, fine artisan jewelry, 100% leather, cotton or linen bags, as well as other accessories.  And for your home, decoration and crafts from Mallorca.

Mother and daughter, we started this beautiful project a few years ago, after many years collaborating in the world of fashion. We decided to create our store almost by the sea, in Sant Elm; small fishing village surrounded by turquoise waters in the southwest of Mallorca, right in front of the magical island Sa Dragonera.

Our store is surrounded by delicious restaurants, located on the same pedestrian path that will allow you to enjoy the pleasant sea breeze while you visit us.

At S’ESCAR, each new season we do a beautiful and careful selection that will make your visit to our store an unforgettable experience.

At www.sescar.es is our online shop, you will find many of our articles when you cannot visit us in Mallorca.

With the launch of our website we aim to get to where you are and to be closer to you.

We are part of the beautiful experience that the Sant Elm town offers its visitors

— Mercedes & Merche

We have named our store S’ESCAR in honor of all those caves on the mediterranean coast that were created by man, to store his boats. Because our store, although it was not a dry dock at the level of the sea, it was a small cave where an old fisherman used to keep and fix his boat and wove his nets. Today, it has become our lovely store.